Daddy calling free fire I’d number, FF level , FF I’d photos

Daddy Calling Free fire I’d level ,headshot rate ,win rate , profile details and I’d photos

Daddy Calling fire player Id level

his free fire I’d level is 92 in August 2021

current level of daddy calling is 92
Daddy Calling Free Fire ID code (UID) number

Let’s talk about Daddy Calling YouTube channel Daddy Calling YouTube channel which is a gaming channel of YouTube, this channel was created on 7th April 2021, this YouTube channel has 400000 subscribers which is a big achievement. have posted more gaming videos

How many views are there on Daddy Calling’s youtube channel

Daddy calling who is youtube video creator his 13.24 million views have been received on the YouTube channel

How many matches has Daddy Calling played in Royal Classic Free Fire?

Daddy calling has played solo games 4442 times, won 378 matches, 8075 kills in 4442 matches in free fire games.Talking about duo games, they have won 262 times in 2489 matches, and maximum kills in duo free fire are 4039.

Daddy calling has played the most number of times battle royale classic games,Let us know how many times the classic match has been played and how many matches have been won, 41645 times the classic squad has played, in which Daddy calling, who won 16445 matches, has done 1,38,587 kills in 41645 matches.

Talking about Battle Royal classic solo, Daddy calling which is at number 1718 in top 10, 38.68% percentage of daddy calling gamers in top 10, number 725 in duo top 5 and 29.13% in top 5, classic squad In the top 3, the number is in 23430, their percentage in the top 3 is 56.26%.

Daddy calling solo k/d is 1.99 , average , duo games have k/d solo slightly less than 1.82 , squad highest k/d is 5.50

Daddy calling of average traveled distance
Covers 2.69 km in Royal Solo, 2.65 km in Duo, 3.87km in classic squad

What is Daddy calling average survival time

Daddy calling who has 9 min 41 sec in Battle Royale Classic solo, 8 min 22 sec in Duo, 11 min 24 sec in classic Squad

Daddy calling most kill in match
Battle royal classic solo has 35 kills, duo has 26 kills, classic squad has 37 kills

Average damage per match :
Battle royal classic solo has 569 , duo games has 640 , classic squad has 1362

Daddy calling headshot and headshot rate

Daddy calling has approx 2036 headshot and headshot percentage 25.15 in 4442 matches, duo has headshot rate 23.82, 962 in 2489 matches, daddy calling has 30851 headshot in classic squad playing 41645 matches, and headshot is 22.26

Daddy calling gareena free fire players cs career
He has played 2960 matches in rank squad, and has won 1755 matches, has done 12330 kills in 2960 matches, KDA is 1.77, revived 1413 times, talking about win rate is about 59.29%,

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